November 20, 2017

FAQ’s Ireland

Q. Will the qualifications I gain at an Irish institution be recognised internationally?
A. Any academic award achieved from an Irish University is of a very high standard and will be recognised internationally.
Before undertaking a course at an alternative institution you should ensure that the qualification is approved by the Higher Education and Training Award Council (HETAC), a body established by the Irish Ministry of Education.
Qualifications awarded by this body are internationally recognised by academic, professional, trade and craft bodies.

Q. How do I find more specific information on my chosen area of study?
A. Each of the individual institutions will be able to provide you with comprehensive information on course content, fees, academic entry requirements etc. Their individual websites are an excellent starting point.

Q. How much should I budget for accommodation and Living expenses?
A.Costs vary depending on the course of study, the length of stay and the lifestyle of the student. However, we have calculated that, on average, a student can expect to pay between Euro 6,500 and Euro 10,000 in living costs per year. For a more detailed breakdown of costs please refer to our ‘Costs and Living Expenses’ section.

Q. What additional services are available to international students?
A. Most of the universities have an International student office with trained staff on hand to deal with any issues arising for overseas students. This office usually organises an orientation programme at the start of the academic year to assist students in acclimatisating to Irish life and college procedures. Other events such as day and weekend excursions and sporting and cultural activities are also run by the international student offices. Overseas students are also encouraged to join the many clubs and societies enjoyed by their Irish counterparts.

Q. Will my children have to learn the Irish Language if they are joining the Irish education system having had part of their education overseas?
A. Students exempt from studying Irish are those who:

1. have had their primary education outside of Ireland and enroll in the Irish Education System after 11 years of age.
2. Have lived outside of Ireland for the three years prior to their enrolment and return after 11 years of age.