November 9, 2017

About USA


  • Multi Cultural Society

  • English and Spanish widely spoken language
  • Relaxed Informal
  • Christianity major religion


  • Varies from place to place

  • 4 distinct seasons
  • Summers can rise to 35o C
  • Winters can range from 4o C to 15o C


  • New York

  • Chicago
  • Washington D.C.
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Boston


US has 4 time Zones namely

  • Disney World

  • Statue of Liberty
  • Times Square
  • Niagara Falls
  • Hollywood


  • American Football

  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Theater
  • Cinema

US has 4 time Zones namely

  • Eastern

  • Central
  • Mountain
  • Pacific

American Education System

The education system is very different from its Indian counterparts. It has the world's most flexible education system where students are allowed to select subjects they find interesting. There is no central ministry of education in the USA & each institution can determine its own programs & admission standards. There are private as well as...

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HOW TO APPLY ADMISSION PROCESS For International students, admission to USA universities and colleges can be very competitive. Each university / department has its own admission requirements depending upon the course of Study selected. Successful admission for International students to a top USA school require preparation & research. The admission process is a long one,...

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SCHOLARSHIP / FINANCIAL AID The Scholarships & the financial aid-fee waivers that are awarded to International Students are merit / need based. A candidate with strong academics, good performance on standardized exams & extra curricular achievements would be eligible for scholarship awards or any financial assistance. To benefit from these opportunities, one has to make...

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PART TIME JOBS ON CAMPUS / WORK AFTER COURSE Getting the admission is not all. The Visa comes as the greatest test in USA. All your efforts come to a dead end if you do not present your case effectively and boldly. We provide comprehensive Visa Guidance, which includes verifying and advise given to make...

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List of Universities and Colleges

List of Universities and Colleges in USA University of California,Riverside State University of New York Fulton Mentgomery Community College , New York Edmons Community College , Washington Bunker Hill Community College , Boston State University of Utah

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Employment in USA

PART TIME JOBS ON CAMPUS / WORK AFTER COURSE International Students can take up on - campus jobs after joining the college. Students are allowed to work 20 hrs per week on - campus. On campus jobs may include teaching assistantship or research assistantship where in a student can earn a $7 to $10 per...

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Accommodation USA

Most of the educational institutions in USA will assist you in finding accommodation while Studying in USA. Accommodation are of two types i.e. a student can stay on campus (Halls of Residence / Students hostel) or Off campus (Home stay, Apartments/ Flats). Staying Off Campus is much more cheaper than staying On Campus but it...

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Q. What is the transfer student concept? A.A transfer option is to complete at least 2 years of the Bachelors / Diploma program in any country and then apply for a transfer to the University that a student wants to attend in USA. The years waived off in your transfer status will depend on the...

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