November 20, 2017

Scholarships UK

UK universities are generally government funded which mostly means limited funds available for the university to disburse among students as bursaries and scholarships. Still most universities do have certain awards which are given to students based on their merits as well as performance during the course. Some of the UK universities also have special awards for Indian students besides the ones which individual departments may offer to students coming there to pursue their further studies. Another important source of scholarship are the British Government sponsored awards like the Chevening Scholarship Commonwealth Scholarship, DFID Scholarship. These are extremely competitive and the deadlines are much in advance of the session.


  • Merit based.
  • Universities offer part bursaries for certain courses and are limited in number.
  • The Undergraduate and Vocation Scholarship Scheme (UVS) which more than 60 universities offer in collaboration with the British Government.
  • Different University Scholarship have their respective deadlines.


  • British Chevening: for deserving students wishing to pursue Research / Taught Postgraduate Courses.
  • ommonwealth Scholarships and Fellowship Plans are for citizens of Commonwealth Countries
  • Shared Scholarships scheme for taught postgraduate course which are shared with British Universities.
  • Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme (ORSAS) for postgraduate research.
  • University – based scholarships are in the form of part bursaries which vary from £ 1000 – £ 2500 rebate in the tuition fee