November 20, 2017

About U.K.


  • Sizeable Indian Population Specially in the bigger popular cities
  • Contrary to popular belief quite friendly
  • Open to diverse culture.
  • Traditional in value system


  • Over 60 million people
  • Ranked 18th in population census
  • Quarter million International students at any given time


  • 4 Seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn
  • Temperatures vary from -5oC to 32oC.
  • South of UK is warmer than north of UK.
  • The Cities are warmer than Counties
  • Most noticeable climate feature : long summer days and short winter days


  • England : South East England – London, Portsmouth South West England – Bath, Exeter Midlands – Newcastle, Bradford, Derby
  • Scotland : Dundee, Stirling, Glasgow, Edinburgh
  • Wales : Cardiff
  • Northern Ireland : Belfast


  • Scenic Countryside
  • Beautiful Beaches
  • Glens, Scottish Lochs and Scottish Highlands
  • Caverns and tableaux in Wales


  • Cinemas, Theatre and Film Societies
  • Pubs and Night Clubs
  • Football, Cricket, Rugby
  • Shopping

UK Education System

ACADEMIC REQUIREMENT UNDERGRADUATE : 65% and above for humanities in XIIth. 70 - 80% and above for Science, Commerce, Engg in Std. XII / Diploma. 2nd class could also be considered by some Universities if there is some additional qualification / experience. Completed / will complete 18 years of age before joining a degree program.

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How to Apply in UK

APPLYING FOR UNDERGRADUATE COURSES Applications are made only through UCAS (only 1 application can be made in an academic year). It is an online application method. One can apply to 6 different Universities on the same application form. A fee of £ 15 is charged by UCAS to process applications and £ 5 if applying...

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Scholarships UK

UK universities are generally government funded which mostly means limited funds available for the university to disburse among students as bursaries and scholarships. Still most universities do have certain awards which are given to students based on their merits as well as performance during the course. Some of the UK universities also have special awards...

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UK Visa

Student visas are relatively easy to obtain. Most of the applicants from India who provide a confirmed offer from a UK University and evidence of financial support for tuition fees and living costs are issued visas. In addition to our academic counsellors at SRI Consultants we also have dedicated visa counsellors who are trained in...

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Universities and Colleges UK

List of Universities and Colleges in UK OXFORD BUSINESS COLLEGE ( Oxford) UNIVERSITY OF SUSSEX UNIVERSITY OF TEESSIDE (Middlebrough) CECOS LONDON COLLEGE ( London) BUCKINGHAMSHIRE NEW UNIVERSITY ( London) HALIalifax College ( London) MOTHERWELL COLLEGE ( Scotland) International College of Scotland ( Edinburgh) Albert College ( Leicester)

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Employment in UK

TWES "Training and Work Experience Scheme" which was initiated in 1999. It states that if an international student (Non - European) is able to find a job relevant to his field of Study in the UK with a British - based employer, that student can stay on and work full time through this particular scheme...

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Accommodation UK

Both Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students are guaranteed accommodation by many universities in their Halls of Residence, for at least their first year at the university provided they inform the university within the given deadlines. On Campus: College hostels (self catered of fully catered) Off Campus: Renting a flat / appartment Homestay: With the Families near...

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Q: ARE THERE ANY BENEFITS OFFERED TO INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS WHILST StudyING IN UK? A: 2 sources of benefit are: NHS: All international students staying in UK for the purpose of education for 6 months or more qualify for free health care through the National Health Service. NATIONAL UNION OF STUDENTS: Loads of discounts are negotiated...

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