November 9, 2017

Canada Visa

Canada Visa
All overseas students are required to obtain a Student Authorization and Visa before going to Canada for studies. Students must also meet the requirements of the Canadian Immigration Act and Regulations. Under normal circumstances, allow at least 4-6 weeks for your visa to be processed. Students are not allowed to obtain an authorization after their arrival in Canada. The application should be submitted well in advance of the planned date of departure to ensure that the processing of the application can be completed on time.

Submit the completed application kit to the immigration section of the Canadian High commission. Kindly note that all documents submitted, must be photocopies.


  • Visa Application Form
  • Student Questionnaire
  • Study Plan
  • Official letter of acceptance from a Canadian University, College or Technical Institute.
  • Financial documents (bank statements, IT returns etc…).
  • Application can be made by visiting the Canadian High Commission (New Delhi) in person or by submitting the application at any of the VFS (Visa Facilitating Service) offices in India at your nearest city.


An interview with a Canadian Visa Officer may be required. If this is the case, you will be advised in writing of the time and place of the interview.


The Canadian high commission will issue medical instructions. Students and accompanying dependants must pass a medical examination.
If the student and accompanying dependants are found to be in good health and there are no other concerns with the application, the Visa and Student Authorization will be issued.


Canada welcomes over 2 lakh immigrants per year & has a policy for skilled professionals as well as Business Immigrants. Canada has maintained a strong stable economic growth because of its active immigration policy. Two thirds of the 5.4% pa increase in population is due to immigration.

Canadian Immigration is one of the simplest immigration system in comparison with other countries. It allows a person to live and work anywhere in Canada, and confers upon that person a permanent Resident status. It comes with certain responsibilities and may be revoked if the holder does not meet Canadian Residency obligations, or is found guilty of serious criminal activity. A person who is a Canadian Permanent Resident may apply for Canadian Citizenship after 3 years.

If you are eligible to apply for immigration as a skilled worker, you will be assessed on six selection factors and a points system which is as follows:

Education Maximum 25 points
Ability in English and/or French Maximum 24 points
Experience Maximum 21 points
Age Maximum 10 points
Arranged employment in Canada Maximum 10 points
Adaptability Maximum 10 points
Total Maximum 100 points
Pass mark 67 points