November 9, 2017

Accommodation in Canada

Many institutions have accommodation conveniently located on or near their campuses. Many residences have a shared kitchen, toilets and other facilities. There is usually an option of having either a shared or private room. Dormitories are usually separated by Gender. In some cases, the meal plan can be included in the cost of the room.

Renting is another option open to students. Many students share accommodation to keep costs down and usually find places that meet their needs & preferences. Many institutes offer an off campus housing service which can provide a list of affordable accommodation near the campus.

Many Canadian families welcome international students Homestays also offer a more stable & secure environment for younger people coming to Study in Canada. Typically, a homestay consists of a Canadian family hosting a student in their home while the student attends classes in Canada. Meals are provided in homestay but are not compulsory. Homestays are arranged by schools & students are matches with families who share similar interests.


TYPES OF ACCOMMODATION Living cost & expenses (Approx.)/ Per Month
Residence / Dormitory C$ 350 to $ 515
Off campus Rental Housing C$ 350 to $ 700 (shared apartment)
C$ 500 to $ 1200 (single apartment)
Homestay C$ 400 to $ 800